Oscar López Rivera at 1199 mañana

Oscar López Rivera at 1199 mañana

Oscar López Rivera at 1199 mañana
June 9, 2017

Yes, Oscar will be there. The 1199 SEIU event is for políticos and religious leaders from 9-11 a.m. this Saturday, June 10. It's invitation-only, so don’t even bother showing up to the Penthouse at 368-398 W. 42nd St. unless you're on the list. 

The bochinchero who gave us the information added, “I’m not going.” So we asked why. “This is Melissa’s (Mark-Viverito) show and I’m not playing a role in it.” 

The bigger story here is that Oscar López Rivera will be there to speak about a lot of things, including his plans to start a foundation. “It’s a fundraiser. I’ll send my donation,” said the bochinchero.

Pressed as to why the attitude of not wanting to attend because of Melissa, he responded: “She’s taken over this visit and is controlling all that he does, who he talks to and where he goes.” In other words, he said, “Oscar's come out of prison just to be held hostage by Melissa?” The bochinchero let out a belly laugh and said, “I read that in your Twitter handle. It’s true.” 

Well, for the record, I ripped off an assemblyman who gave me that line.

Gerson Borrero